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Feeling Anger Guilt Stress? Lighten Up Using These Subliminal Messages! (Audio + Visual)

Published on 11/26/22 / In How To Manifest Everything You Want

⁣Text & Audio Affirmations: I view life through a lens of wonder and innocence.I am loving, conscious, and living beyond the material world.Knowing the Divine brings sincerity and playfulness. I have transcended the ego’s serious mind games. I can see each circumstance from a larger more calming viewpoint.I am reaching a deeper level of enlightenment.I spend more time being conscious and less time being trapped in my ego. I have found total ecstasy.Laughing is a key ingredient in learning how to let go, so I laugh often. Laughing induces a massive healing reaction throughout my body.Ecstatic, blissful, divine experiences find me every day. I raise my vibration high enough to enter a state of appreciation, love & joy.I choose to let more lightness into my heart right now.Laughter is a releasing and a cleansing of my past.I give up analyzing, criticizing, and constantly efforting to remain in control.I am a highly liberated human being.I embrace new perspectives which are less dramatic, serious, and worried.The more I laugh, the more I am free. I release that grip on those all too important thoughts, beliefs, expectations and desires.Reality bends and molds to wherever I focus my attention.I am in charge of which thoughts I choose to entertain.Authentic outrageous laughing attacks fall upon me when I totally let go.I enjoy life to the max.Laughing delivers me to a place of deep peace inside where enlightenment can be found.My simple light-heartedness is the secret to helping others bust a smile.Letting go of seriousness grants me the experience of great joy, gratitude and peace of mind.I welcome a more fun, freeing, and festive mindset.I explore every situation as an opportunity to reveal more love, joy, relaxation & expansion.I simply surrender to becoming more joyful, light-hearted, and free.I make this planet a more enlightened playground.I get in touch with that playful, spontaneous, enlightened being within.I am inherently joyful and full of deep gratitude.I prioritize lightness over seriousness.Abundance, love, and freedom follow me wherever I go.I let go and trust life.My presence automatically liberates others.I am divine, eternal, and already have all the greatest powers inside me.I say good-bye to the old serious attitude of approaching life.I adopt a fun-loving lighthearted attitude right now.I have an enlightened sense of humor.I enjoy the physiological and psychological benefits of laughter and humor.I have the freedom to love and laugh and experience heaven right now.I am free from negative forces and handle every situation with a light heart.I enjoy life and have fun. I let go of emotional baggage, move forward, and seek greater things to come.

Watch in HD. Headphones/Earphones are optional. Use this subliminal video often to lighten up and enjoy life more. Watch and listen for best results. You can still get results from just watching or just listening if that's more convenient for you. This subliminal video has both text and audio affirmations. Set to a comfortable volume. Use at least once a day until no longer needed. There are no binaural beats or frequencies in this video.

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