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How To Manifest Money Using Super Conscious + X-Men Professor X Cerebro Magnet

Published on 12/05/22 / In How To Manifest Everything You Want

⁣🌋 💥 Big Money Magnet Super Conscious ™

DrVirtual7 Audio Programs™ are some of the most listened to in the matrix In the areas of spiritual awareness, self-empowerment, and personal development.

🎵 Mp3


💠 Magical Meditation with 820 Affirmations for-

►Increase Opulence
►Increase Wealth
►Increase Prosperity
►Increase Riches
►Increase Abundance
►Increase Good Fortune
►Increase Success & Health
►Increase in Business & Sales
►And much more!

Treatment for all money conditions perfectly designed for all currencies.

Removes subconscious money blockages.

Deposit and withdrawal from Spiritual Bank Account.

Restores lost and delayed monies.

Brings the unseen to the seen.

Brings relief from all financial money stress worries and anxiety.
You now become the relief.

Radiate confidence strong will power faith belief.

Increase manifesting abilities.

Allow and accept greater opportunities.

Protects creative investments.

Freedom from want and limitation.

Allow and accept self-expression potentiality.

Allows easy wealth transfer from the spiritual universe cosmic mind to the material physical realm by reconnecting the spiritual universe to the physical 3D realm.

Attract favorable outcomes with positive affirmations & vibrations.

Laser-like focus manifests goals desired as a reality.

Increase awareness as conscious of being.

Allows acceptance for new changes new realities easily effortlessly and naturally.

This combines the latest breakthroughs in Neuroscience and NLP generating powerful messages for your subconscious mind.

Beyond quantum entanglement
Beyond omnipotent
Beyond Infinity
Beyond eternal
Beyond Absolute

Change your beliefs on life and you change the structure of life itself.

Brings heaven to earth
Synchronizes the spiritual universe with the material realm.

Brings harmony divine order into all conditions.

Dissolves all unauthorized harmful DNA codes from all domains in time and space.

Dissolves financial quantum entanglement limitation.
Brings tranquility joy peace harmony happiness integrity faith honesty good value goodwill confidence perseverance beauty.

Write your own price tag through better circumstances better conditions better outcomes.

Heals the poverty mindset.

Allows financial freedom from want -
individual personal independence and liberty.

This will not work for the evil elite and their minions and or an evil mind and heart this will have a reverse effect on you.

Can listen while doing other tasks listen at least 1.5 hours day or night can be played looped during the dream time.

Listen a minimum of 1.5 hours day or night for full benefits give it a try three months you be glad you did.

This goes deep within to make real permanent everlasting results now and forever.

This creative idea was from my daughter expanded into something far larger than originally planned.

Background music by-

"Garden Music" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech dot com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Ocean waves are a pure field recording added to the background music.

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