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Irish Politician Clare Daly Addrsses the Shameful European Parliament About Escalation of War

Published on 10/23/22 / In News & Politics

⁣Irish politician Clare Daly is a member of the European Parliament as part of the United European Left/Nordic Green Left. She delivered the following noteworthy speech on October 5: "The war in Ukraine is rapidly expanding into a greater horror. And as far as I can see, virtually no one in this room is doing anything to stop it. In fact, most people seem to be reveling in the fact that it is escalating. And right at that moment, of course, as usual, the voice rises. Opponents of the war are attacked and silenced, slandered as traitors, cronies of Putin, stooges of the Kremlin, and Russian agents. Frankly, it is pathetic, and I do not make this comparison lightly, but the crudeness and cynicism of these slanders coming from the established EU parties might as well have been penned by Hermann Goering, who famously said that even if people do not want war, they can be brought to war with threats and slanders. He said that all you have to do is tell them they are under attack, accuse the pacifists of lack of patriotism, and expose their country to danger. It works the same way every time. This House should be ashamed of this debate. Words are twisted, meaning undermined, and truth turned on its head. Being against the terrible madness of war is not anti-European. It is not anti-Ukrainian. It is not pro-Russian. It is common sense. The working class in Europe has nothing to gain from this war, but everything to lose. And I find it ridiculous that those who call for weapons for Ukraine never call for weapons for the people of Palestine or the people of Yemen. Unlike you, I am against all war. I want to end it. I don't apologize for that. Nor do I allow myself to be scapegoated and labeled for it."

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