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Seta & Doremi - 'Stain of Love' 432 Hz Produced by Brian Ka

8,914 Views • 09/19/22
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⁣Listening to frequency music at 432 Hz has shown to increase relaxation, focus and reduce anxiety. This frequency brings a sense of peace and researchers claim that you will feel more joyful and relaxed. Listening to 432 Hz frequency can also improve quality of sleep and help you stay asleep longer. Targeted individuals, listen to this music several times a day. If you want a digital copy, download it by visiting this link for a limited time. You must create an account first for download link to appear. - https://briankasound.com/track/FO89Rc42cJLrzrq/ Hope this music will help you ease your pain and overcome fear and stress.

This track is available for purchase from:
Apple Music - https://music.apple.com/us/album/1564008622/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album..../2II68RBKECvGkZBcIoK
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/track/1349594112/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/brianka....sound/seta-doremi-st

Music Licensing - info@briankavideo.com

Producer: Brian Ka (USA)
Piano: Eli Baumgarten (USA)
Songwriter: Doremi (UK)
Singers: Doremi & Seta (UK & USA)
Lyrics: Amy Doremi & Brian Ka (India UK & USA)
Sound Engineer: Merin Vidad (Philippines)
Master: Brian Ka (USA)
Saxophone: Neza (Slovenia)
Cover Art: Brian Ka

Lyrics: (Official Audio)

Love was always something I thought had past me by
What’s the point of lovin’ if time just ain’t on my side?
I almost gave up
But when I looked up honey
My eyes met yours looking up from my coffee
I had to get you know yah

Let’s call this our stain of love
It wont wash away like us
#frequencymusic #targetedindividuals

My friends just don’t understand
They think you’re too old to be my man
But how could possibly know
The treasure between us
Your eyes made me believe
Your love fills me internally
My heaven is your company
I won’t settle for make believe

What could it be?
What could it be?
Is it the way you walk?
Is it your smile baby?
I just gotta know
What’s pulling us

Let’s call this our stain of love
It won’t wash away like us

You know what baby,
I know how to play babe,
I’ve broken many hearts eh
On my way to you

You ain’t a saint babe
But I love how you’ve changed baby
And if I have to explain
I’ll say you’re my destiny

It’s your smile
Like that stain stays on mind
Please promise me baby
You’ll be there You’ll be there for the rest of my days
The rest of my days
The rest of your days
The rest of my days
Oooh the rest my days

© 2021 Brian Ka Sound

#feelgoodmusic #lovemusic #lovesong #lovestorysong

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